Basic facts

Created by
Jonathan Hise Kaldma
Based in Stockholm, Sweden
Release date
October 23, 2012
iPad (App Store)
22 SEK


Mandalarium is a mystic puzzle where all solutions are the right one. It is an attempt to create an interactive experience that replicates the hypnotic feeling of many puzzle games, but where you're motivated by beauty instead of points or achievements. Visually, Mandalarium draws on the tradition of fortune cards like the Tarot and on the writings of C.G. Jung. Sometimes symbolic objects appear in the mandalas – an hourglass, a cogwheel, a dagger, an eye – allowing the mandalas to be seen not just as beautiful patterns, but also as metaphorical expressions of the self. Also, just like the Tibetan sand paintings that the work takes its name from, the mandalas are ephemeral. There is no way to save a mandala. When you clear the board, the patterns blow away into the wind.



4096 x 3072


1024 x 1024


4252 x 2835, Photo: Klas Holmlund


Jonathan Hise Kaldma
Concept, interaction, visuals, code, music, sound

Jonathan Hise Kaldma is an interaction artist and game designer residing in Stockholm, Sweden. He creates interactive experiences that explore the boundaries of video games as an artistic medium. He has previously designed Flight of the Fireflies, also for iPad.

He is an active participant in the notgames initiative.